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moving forward with Markstrom

The brief period where teams got compensation in exchange for executive and coaching hires is benefiting the Canucks: Torts’ move to Columbus will deliver a pick of some kind to his old team.

Depending what occurs in the hours before Thursday’s compensation deadline, there’s a chance the Blue Jackets could already have a deal in place with the Golden Knights that may not involve the pick.

If so, the Canucks could land it this year and be in a position to draft a playmaking centre, power play defenceman and fill another need with three picks in the first two rounds.

“We went through every team in the league for the expansion draft to try and figure out what teams are going to do and what (unprotected) players are going to be available so we can see if there’s a fit before or after the expansion draft,” said Benning.

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“There are going to be a lot of conversations between now and when the expansion draft happens. I’m getting more calls now from GMs who are getting a feel for what other teams are Wholesale Jerseys doing.”

The English language is an amazing thing. So many words. So much potential for precision.

Last night, Canucks GM Jim Benning told TSN’s Pierre Lebrun that Jacob Markstrom would be the team’s No. 1 goalie “going forward.”

Harrison Mooney has the details here. Markstrom is already 27. He’s well into his prime playing years. The peak of athletic achievement is around 24, and most athletes go through a very slow, very gradual decline through to about 30. There are exceptions the Sedins and Ryan Kesler, for example, didn’t actually put up the most points in their careers until their late 20s but the point is, to get maximum value and performance, players should get as much time as possible as soon as possible in Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys 2017 Lastest And Cheap their early 20s.

Anyway, we wake up today to discover that Benning has clarified what he said. “One day,” he meant. Not “from now,” which is what “going forward” is usually understood to mean.

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Manny Arceneaux and Wally Buono don’t talk much, the receiver revealed to Willes.

“I don’t even like talking to him sometimes,” Arceneaux says. “I call him Socrates because he has his own way with words. He asks me, ‘What’s today?’ I say, ‘Monday.’ ‘He says, ‘No, it’s the day after Sunday.'”

Arceneaux calling out someone else for being hard to understand? Now that’s funny.

“People go, ‘Wally likes you.’ But we never talk. The way I communicate with Wally is through my work. He don’t have to tell me what he expects or what he wants. I just want to make sure when he puts on the film he don’t have nothing to say to me, and I want to keep it that way.”

I’m a chatty person. I have to admit it’s always amazed me how singularly focused so many top athletes are. Many are really quite quiet, especially when they’re in the zone.

The former NHLer is in town to speak with pediatricians about the abuse he suffered at the hands of former junior hockey coach Graham James and why it took him so long to speak out.

“Most kids are hurt by people they know and trust. They fear disclosing the information because they’re so confused. They think it must have been their fault somehow. They end up going through life thinking they can never trust again, being wholesale rams jerseys very lonely, depressed, suicidal, anxious, living with shame and guilt,” said Kennedy.

Genie Bouchard is dealing with a grade two ankle sprain.

She battled through it Tuesday to win her second round match at the French Open. She’s 8 4 all time at Roland Garros.

You also get to witness his singing and guitar skills. With Maple Ridge country singer Madeline Merlo on hand to help out, Pospisil belts out a song he penned. It has that indie music feel to it. He tells her along the way: “Pretty much when I’m not on the court, I’m writing a song.”

“It’s strange, because I’m recording these videos and I’m often showing a side of myself that I wouldn’t be comfortable normally showing face to face,” saidPospisil. “On camera, though, it’s all good. It’s a little bit bizarre.

“There are not many athletes out there who show you what their life is really like. There’s plenty of stuff that we haven’t done yet that people will hopefully be interested in. I think it has a lot of potential.”

It’s rare to get any kind of look at players. These are nice.

Balls in play are down. Home runs as source of runs are up. So are strikeouts.

Fan Graphs has a fascinating story on the trend, and they spoke to Joey Votto about it.

“The consensus among all the hitters I’ve spoken to, and hitting people I’ve spoken to, is ground balls are bad, fly balls are good, line